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As an Association, Devon commenced over 50 years ago. From a small beginning it now boasts a complex of 14 courts, 10 of which are plexi-paved and lit, plus a clubhouse consisting of two change-rooms, first aid room, canteen and office. Devon, since its inception, has been the provider for Netball in the area. Competitions for schools, both Primary and Secondary, as well as adults are offered all year round.


Annual evaluation of all programs and structures are held endeavouring to improve the facilities and programs for our members.


Devon Netball offers umpiring and coaching courses for members who are interested in attaining course accreditation. 


We provide a well-stocked and well-run canteen for all rosters providing sweets, hot and cold food and drinks, and even soup in winter. Volunteers operate the canteen and players are rostered to work in the canteen at various times throughout the roster.



 Contact Details:
                              Phone: 0364272786, 0364272061 
                              Postal Address: Devon Netball Association
                                                            PO Box 689
                                                            Quoiba   Tas   7310
                              Email: admin@devonnetball.com.au